Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daddy Looking While Mom is Away by: George

You can call this fictional.

One Sunday afternoon I was just watching football. I knew my dad was getting in the shower and thought of it as no big deal, and my mother went into town for the day. I'm a little horny so I look up naked men my phone and start to rub my cock through my pants. I'm starting to get hard when I hear my dad walking through the upstairs and probably on his way downstairs so I have to stop.
The reason why I stopped was because I did not want to get caught by my dad stroking my cock or looking at naked men on my phone since he did not know I was into that stuff. Well that is I did not think he knew I was into that stuff, when all of a sudden my father comes walking down the stairs completely naked with is laptop in his hands. I just stare at his cock hoping he notices but doesn't noticed at the same time. I want him to notice so he will make me suck that hairy cock of his but I dont want him to notice because I do think he knows if I am gay.
Now my father is about 5'10" with a 6.5 inch cock and a little hairy but with a jungle down near his cock. He is completely against the gay lifestyle. He says it is nasty when he see men kissing or even if they are gay on tv.
When my father lays down on the other couch, he lays so I can see what he is looking up. What is on my dads laptop is a shock to me. their is gay porn playing on his laptop and he is just watching it, not playing or rubbing himself, not even getting hard but just watching gay porn. I start to look over and I get hard instantly.I dont say anything as I want to keep watching it. The gays start to suck each others cocks off in the movie and I am so hard my hormones take over my body. I stand up and walk over to my father.
With out saying a word I just kneel down and start rubbing his cock.when he starts to get hard he says "finally, it is about time you come over to me. I have been waiting for you to do this since I started walking down the stairs."
"What do you mean?" I reply
"Well I caught you watching gay porn one day and did not say anything to you. Instead I was going to find a time when we were alone and I could get you to rub and suck my cock. Your mom does not like sucking."
Completely in shocked I respond by saying "I thought you were against being gay." (Continuing to rub his cock)
Well I am but when I saw you watching it I thought I could try it since my son is into it. So I started to look at gay porn and wishing I had someone to suck my cock. I was looking through Craigslist one day and saw that you posted in a M2M ad and I thought what to have gay sex , since I want to try it, with my son."
At that time my dad is completely hard from me rubbing his cock so I put my lips up to his cock, and start licking it. Before long I have my lips around his cock with it pulsating in my mouth.
After I suck his cock for a few minutes I ask if we can go to his room. He responds with "No your mother might find out about this if it is in our room, but we can go to yours."
We get up to my room I shut and lock the door behind us while my dad goes and lays on my bed with his legs spread. I walk over to my bed and start crawling up my bed in between my dads legs. I stopped at his cock and sucked it for a little bit longer but I continued up his body. I stopped at his nipples to lick them as well. When I continued up to my dads face I started to kiss him. I kissed his neck and then made it to his lips. We made out and tongued for a long time when I whispered into my dads ear, "Can you fuck me?"
"Of course I can son! I have been waiting for that question."
I stand up and take off my clothes and we kiss again for a little bit. He licks my nipples and then turns me around and started rubbing my ass. He licks it and fingers it for a few minutes to warm my ass up. All of a sudden I feel his cock start slapping my in the ass and hitting my hole. "You ready for this son?"
"Oh daddy, Yes I am ready for it. Fuck me please. Just put your cock up my ass and fuck me." I moan
He starts to insert his cock in my ass and I let out a huge moan. "Oh daddy it hurts but don't stop fucking me." He starts to go a little harder and then harder. I am just rocking back and forth letting out moan after moan in pleasure Yelling "Daddy this feels so good. Keep going. Oh daddy please."
After a while he lets out a huge moan and says "Son I'm gonna cum."
OH daddy let me eat it.
So he pulls out and I turn around. I take his dick into my mouth and as soon as I put it in he starts shooting his cum all over my mouth and at the back of my throat. I continue to suck his cock until no more cum shoot out of his throbbing cock.
Once he is done I start masturbating and kissing my dad, tongue and all. He wanted to try I guess because the next thing I know his face is down by my cock and he starts to lick it and take mine into his mouth. Oh daddy yes I say. Does it taste good? Daddy shakes his head in agreement and continues to suck. I pull out of his mouth and start masturbating again. I yell i'm cumming and at that moment I start shooting all over my dads face. He licks some of it off his face but lets me lick some off his face and well and we share the cum between our mouths.
We laid there and made out for another five minutes when we heard the garage door open and he runs into his room and gets dressed. I grab my towel and go get in the shower. When my dad gets dressed he goes out into the shop and starts to work so when he is done he can take a shower as well.
Right before my mom walks in the door I ask my dad "Dad can we do this again?"
"Of course we can son. I enjoyed this so much. Maybe you can fuck me next time as well."
"Oh dad I cant wait for the next time mom leaves us alone for the day."
Then I hope in the shower, dad goes to the shop and mom walks in the door. We play it off like nothing had ever happened. That is until the next we were alone.
We did this every time we were together alone. At home, Camping for Boy Scouts, in the boat, in someone else house, at church, you name it we have done it. We even try to get a third when we know mom will be gone so we can have more fun. Up until this day we still have sex and we even get a little risky by kissing when mom is home but not in the same room. until we get caught we will continue and even if we do get caught dad is going to try to convince mom that she join us for some hot dad mom son sex.

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