Thursday, June 5, 2014

Boss and I and His Son by: HoTDad

Let me start off with introducing myself. My name is Bob and I am 6 ft tall with a round shape because I am a bigger person and a dick size of 6 inches. I have long luscious hair that is brownish black and do not know if I am gay but always find myself looking at men in the locker room or at the urinal.
One day I was working on homework in the computer lab in the building I work at. It was evening time around 5:30ish and my boss walks in to use one of the computers. I can tell he is very stressed because his wife has had cancer for a while and I know it has been hard on him. I have found myself fantasize about what my boss looks like with no clothes on and so this is a story about how I took that chance.
Like I was saying he looked much stressed. When he was done at the computer I watched him leave and I followed him into his janitor’s office. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was stressed about his wife (like I had guessed) and that he also needed to relieve himself because he had not had sex in a few months. Once he told me that he turned red and said he was sorry that I did not need to know his personal life like that. I told him that it was OK and went behind him since he was sitting down in a chair and started to give him a back massage. I asked if I could do anything to help, thinking this could be my chance to see what my boss looks like naked. He told me no except I could keep giving him this massage if I wanted to. I said sure and continued to give him one. I looked down periodically hoping to see a tent rise within his pants. After a few times looking for one I tried something new. I was giving him a massage so I moved my hands off his shoulders and placed them on his nipples and began rubbing them.
He jumped and asked what I was doing. I was like just relax and enjoy this. Doesn’t this feel good, I replied? He loosened up a bit and said yeah it does feel pretty good. When I started to rub his nipples I looked down and finally saw a tent rising from within his jeans. I thought to myself it is about time. Once I saw this tent in his pants I stopped giving him a massage and went to the door to shut it and lock it so no one could come in. He again asked what I was doing and became tense again. I told him to relax and started to give his shoulders a nice rubbing again. After a few minutes I worked my way to his nipples and that loosened him up some more. After the nipple I kept making my way down his body and reached his pants where the tent had risen. I grabbed on to the tent that I saw and he jumped up out of the chair asking what I was doing. I said I was helping him relieve himself since he had not been able to do it in a while.
I also told him to relax and to enjoy the ride. Once I finished telling him that I grabbed back onto the tent and gave him a kiss on the lips. He pulled me in and threw his tongue into my mouth and we made out. I unzipped his pants and felt around to bring his cock out. I started to massage his cock and work it so it became super hard. Once I did that I pulled my boss’ shirt up and worked my lips down to the hairy nipple he had. After sucking on the nipple for a half a minute I continued down his body until my mouth reached the cock that he had sticking out of his pants. I put his cock into my mouth and started to suck on that. He started to moan and moan and moan. His moaning was making me horny so I started to rub myself. After a while of sucking on his hairy cock he took my head off of it and said you are better than my son at sucking dick but he would we would enjoy having you over to help both of us out.
What I stammered. Your son sucks your dick for you. My boss replies with “yeah sometimes, when my wife is gone and I need to relieve myself my son and I have sex.” “In fact this Saturday my wife and daughter are going out to go shopping all day so my son and I would love to have you over to join us. My dick grew even more and I said yeah were to do you live. He explained where he lived and that was that for the night.
On Saturday I woke up around 9 o’clock and had a huge boner already because I knew what I was getting into. I walked at to my car trying to hide my tent from the people that were around. I got to my car and drove to my boss’ house. His son answered the door in just his boxers and the head of his dick was hanging out of them. I looked down and saw that and looked back up and we immediately started to kiss and play with each other’s tongues. My boss, Jimmy’s dad came in and asked is bob here. Before he looked up and saw and mentioned wow you guys do not need to be introduced. You guys are quick. Jimmy brought me inside the house and started to take off my shirt. Once my shirt was off Stewart, my boss, came over and licked and sucked on one nipple as his son licked and sucked on the other.
While they were sucking on my nipples I took my hands and started to play with their cocks. Jimmy made his way down to my shorts and unzipped them and unbuttoned them as he saw that my cock was fighting to rip through them already. Once he undid my shorts he pulled them down and my boxers down and I was completely naked. Jimmy took my dick in his mouth and it was incredible. Jimmy then moved over to his dad cock and took that in as well. Stewart looked at me and said told you he sucked my cock, How about you go help him out. So I gave Stewart a little kiss and went to my knees to help Jimmy suck his father’s cock. After a few minutes of sharing Stewart's cock Jimmy was pulled to his feet by his dad and said why don’t you let Bob tackle our cocks and we can make out for a while. So as they were tonguing each other away I had both of their dicks in my mouth taking them in as far as I could before I gagged on them. I sucked them I licked them I played with them for a good while and something went over me to move to their back sides. I started to give them each a rim job and I was tossing their salad and making it so wet before I knew what was going to happen next.
Jimmy and Stewart stopped kissing and Jimmy asked “Daddy can you fuck me”. Sure son he replied let’s just move on into my room. We entered Stewart’s room and Jimmy ran and jumped on the bed. I licked his man pussy one more time before I let His dad thrust his cock up there. As Jimmy was getting fucked we were sucking each other’s cocks when I wanted to have a dick up my ass as well. Stewart I asked. Can you fuck me as well? I am a little tight so be careful at first. He moved positions and I felt his wet dick up against my hairy hole. I felt him push a little bit and I started to let out a moan. As I moaned Jimmy put his cock into my mouth and I was shut up but I did not mind because I had a dick entering my ass and a dick in my mouth at the same time. At first it hurt and I started to cry a bit but once he left it in there for a minute that pain turned to the best thing I have ever felt.
I wanted him in there all the time. I did not want him to stop fucking my ass. It was so pleasurable I told jimmy to fuck me at the same time so I had two dicks going up my ass at the same time. I felt like I was in heaven and I did not want it to stop. Jimmy said he was about to cum and I told him to let me eat his cum so he pulled out and entered it into my mouth and I could not get my tongue on his cock before it started to pulsate and explode. There his cum was gushing into my mouth spilling out of my mouth because there was so much. Jimmy was moaning yes and told me once I was done with cleaning his dick off to start fucking him at the same time that his father was fucking me.
So I finished cleaning the cum off of his dick and positioned my dick so it could enter Jimmy’s ass. We were so horny none of us wanted to where condoms either. We eventually got into a rhythm and were fucking really well when I felt some gushing warm seed enter my ass. I stopped and let it ooze out of my loose man pussy before I continued to fuck my boss son. When Stewart finally pulled his limp dick out of my ass he immediately took his tongue and started to lick up the cum that had oozed out and was sucking the rest of it out of my ass. I was so horny that I had to cum really soon and so I asked Jimmy, “Do you want me in your ass or in your mouth?”
He responded with his mouth and so I pulled my hard cock out of his ass and he almost missed some of the cum before I erupted all over his face and mouth and tongue. I just kept cumming and it would not stop. I helped Jimmy clean the cum off of his face by licking and kissing him and the three of us just laid there in Stewart's bed and took a nap naked.

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