Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Dad Did to Stop His Son from Hating Him

written by Robbie Webb

All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over.
Ashley hated his new dad. He couldn’t even bring himself to call him dad. He wasn’t his dad; he was his mum’s husband. That’s all he was. He was horrible. Ashley couldn’t stand him. There wasn’t just one particular thing about him; it was everything. To be fair, Ashley would probably hate every man who tried to replace his real dad. His real dad divorced his mum four years ago. Ashley missed him like crazy. He hadn’t seen his real dad for four years. After his parents got divorced his dad fucked off, hasn’t been back since.
His mum met Morgan just twelve months ago, married him three months after meeting him. Ashley’s mum had had a few boyfriends since divorcing dad. Ashley hadn’t got on with any of them, but Morgan was the worst. Ashley just didn’t like him, full stop.
Then one afternoon, everything changed. Ashley was in the house by himself. Mum was at bingo. Morgan came in.
“All right, son?”
Ashley hated it when he called him that.
“I’m not your son.”
Ashley got up off the sofa.
Morgan stopped him from walking up the stairs.
“Why are you behaving like this, Ashley?”
“Like what?”
“What have I done to upset you?”
Ashley didn’t need to give him a reason.
“I just don’t like you.”
“Come on, son.”
“Don’t call me that. You’re not my dad. I haven’t seen my dad for four years.”
“I know, Ashley.”
“You don’t know anything. Leave me alone.”
“Ashley. Where are you going?”
“I’m going up to my bedroom. Ok?”
“Why don’t you talk to me, Ash?”
“Why should I talk to you? I don’t want to talk to you?”
“It would be nice if we could try and get on.”
“I don’t wanna talk. There’s nothing to talk about. I don’t want to try and get on. Just because you married my mum it doesn’t mean you’re my dad. I don’t like you. End of.”
“Ok then. If that’s how you want it to be.”
“Yes. It is. Now I’m going up to my bedroom.”
“What for? A wank?”
“You heard.”
“What did you say?”
“It’s what you do, isn’t it?”
“You’re a weirdo.”
“It’s what boys your age do, son. It’s ok. You don’t have to keep it a secret from me, son.”
Ashley gave him the daggers.
“You don’t have to keep anything secret from me, son.”
“Will you stop calling me that?”
“I want to be a good dad to you, Ashley.”
“Watch my lips. You are not and you will never be my dad. Can you get that into that thick skull of yours?”
Ashley went upstairs. As he was walking up the stairs he heard Morgan shout, “Don’t forget to lock the door! You wouldn’t want me walking in and catching you playing with your dick, son!”
Ashley stopped. He turned around. Morgan was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up.
“It’d be very embarrassing, son, your dad walking in and catching you.”
Ashley gave a tut, shook his head, turned around and carried on walking up the stairs.
“Is it already getting stiff, son?”
Ashley stopped again.
“Is it getting hard, son?”
Ashley turned around.
“You have a good wank, son. I know when I was your age I was always knocking one out. Sometimes I had three or four wanks a day when I was your age. You play with it as much as you want, son. Do you good.”
The thing is, that was why Ashley was going up to his room, to have a wank. That’s what he was going to do before Morgan had come in, have a wank. He stood there at the top of the stairs looking down at him, Morgan.
You play with it as much as you want, son.
Had he just actually said that?
You have a good wank, son.
Morgan might be a prick but Ashley couldn’t deny that he was feeling well sexy hearing him say those words. His real dad would never had said that to him. What dad would?
“Go for it, son.”
Ashley gave another tut. He went in his bedroom and shut the door. He hated his new dad but he suddenly felt very horny. Morgan knew what he got up to in his bedroom. Ashley should have been embarrassed. Well, he was embarrassed but he was also proper turned on knowing that Morgan knew that whenever he went up to his bedroom he went to have a wank.
Ashley said the words to himself.
All right then, dad. I wank. Ok? I masturbate. I jack off, dad. Ok?
Hearing himself say those words in his head, telling dad that he jacked off made him feel so incredibly horny.
So there he was in his bedroom, Ashley, his dick now hard in his jeans. He was going to have a dirty big wank and his dad downstairs knew what he was up to. What he’d said about catching him wanking, it was turning Ashley on big time.
For the very first time Ashley actually wanted to call him dad. He wanted to open his bedroom door and he wanted to shout it out loud.
“Dad! I’m having a wank!”
This was so wrong. But Ashley had never ever felt this sexy.
It was wrong.
It was pervey.
And it gave him the hardest erection ever.
He hadn’t locked his bedroom door.
He suddenly looked at Morgan in a different light. How cool was that? What he’d just said.
You go and have a wank, son.
Telling him to go and have a wank. Was that just about the best thing a son could ever want to hear or what?
You play with it as much as you want, son.
Isn’t that just the kind of dad you want? One who’s not only bothered about you jacking off but one who encourages you to do it. Maybe he wasn’t all that bad after all. Was he fuck. He was cool.
Yeah ok then. I could cope with a dad like that.
Ashley lay there on his bed fully clothed, his cock tenting his jeans. He wanted Morgan to walk in and catch him. He lay there waiting, breathing deep and heavy, lay there stretched out on the bed, hands behind his head, cock fully boned up, throbbing in his jeans.
Come on then…dad. Make yourself useful. Walk in and catch me like this with my cock tenting my jeans.
Had Ashley actually just called him dad?
He said it again, only this time out loud.
“Come on, dad. Walk in.”
He lay there waiting.
And waiting.
He wasn’t going to come.
He hated him even more now. He’d got him feeling all horny like this and he wasn’t going to do anything about it. He’d been taking the piss. Course he had.
But then Ashley heard him walking up the stairs. He thought about it, whipping down his jeans. He wanted Morgan…no, his dad to catch him lying on his back with his jeans down and his cock on bone.
Come on then, dad.
No, he couldn’t do it. He didn’t have the balls to do it, didn’t have the balls to whip his jeans down.
His heart was racing.
Dad reached the top of the stairs.
Pull ‘em down!
No, he couldn’t do it.
He waited, lying there on the bed, his big erection showing in his jeans.
Dad got to the door.
Ashley waited.
Come on, dad. Open the door.
The door opened and dad walked into the bedroom.
“All right…dad.”
Hearing Ashley say that word meant the world to Morgan. He smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. Ashley didn’t move. He just lay there with his jeans clinging to his erection.
Dad saw that his son had a boner in his jeans.
“I thought you’d have taken them off by now, son.”
Ashley didn’t say anything, just lay there breathing heavy.
“Sit up, son.”
Ashley sat up and waited for something to happen.
“Lift your arms up, son.”
Now Ashley liked it, hearing Morgan calling him son. This was proper kinky. He did as dad told and lifted his arms. Dad lifted his son’s t-shirt up, pulled the t-shirt up over his son’s head.
Ashley sat there naked to the waist, his face flushed. He felt so incredibly horny.
Ashley smiled.
“Stand up, son. There’s a good lad.”
Ashley stood up. Dad unbuttoned his son’s jeans and pulled down his zip.
“Lift your bum up. There’s a good lad.”
Ashley lifted his bum. Dad pulled his son’s jeans down to his feet. Ashley’s hard cock was aching, almost bursting out of his tight white underpants. The head of his cock was trapped between the slitted opening in his stretched undies. His hard dick was all twisted in his tight undies.
He stood up. He stood there facing his dad, his dick aching in his bulging undies. His dad sat there on the edge of the bed. Ashley put his hands on his dad’s shoulders. Dad could see how heavy and fast his son was breathing. Ashley lifted his feet an dad pulled his son’s jeans off. Ashley was standing there in just his stretched underpants and white socks.
You ever had anybody touch your dick before, son?”
“No, dad.”
Ashley felt stupid. How can a boy his age never had a girl touch his dick before? But it was true. He was 18 and still a virgin. He could have lied to his dad, pretend he’d had lots of girls. But he didn’t lie. He told his dad the truth and he felt better for it. And the best thing about it was, his dad didn’t laugh or make fun of him. He didn’t tease him for being a virgin, nothing like that.
Dad ran his fingertips nice and gentle across the front of his son’s underpants. It felt proper nice but Ashley couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable, for he was thinking about his mum.
“Yes, son?”
“So…are you…?”
“Are you gay?”
“No, son.”
“Well…this...what you’re doing…”
“Do you want me to stop?”
“I’m just looking after you, son. It feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah. But…you’re not just messing my mum about, are you? If you’re gay, dad, just tell me.”
“No, son. I love your mum. Do you want me stop doing this?”
“No. It’s nice.”
Dad moved his son’s hard dick around through his stretched undies to make it more comfortable for him.
“I’m just giving you a helping hand, son. That’s all.”
“I know.”
Ashley’s undies were stretched over the hardness of his cock. His cock was hot and throbbing, his bell end pushed up to his right hip.
Ashley was willing his dad to do it.
Go on, dad. Pull my undies down. Get my dick out.
He wanted to show his naked erection to his dad.
Dad held his son’s dick between his fingers and thumb. There was just the thin material of Ashley’s stretched undies between his throbbing dick and his dad’s fingers. With his other hand, dad pulled his son’s underpants down at the top. Ashley’s hot naked dick sprang up all stiff. Dad pulled his son’s undies down, all the way down. Ashley stepped out of them. He was standing there naked before his dad and he had the biggest hardest erection ever.
Ashley felt amazing, an intense warmth rushing through his body, his heart racing. There were feelings in his cock he had never felt before. It was like his cock had suddenly become a hundred times more sensitive. Those cock tingles were intense. He was naked and showing off his tender boned up dick to his dad. How amazing was that? He felt well proud of his cock.
“Have I got a big cock, dad?”
“Yes, son. You’ve got a great cock.”
Ashley was glowing with pride.
“You see, son. I’m not so bad after all, am I?”
“No, dad.”
Dad looked his naked aroused son up and down.
“You’re a fine figure of a young man, son.”
Ashley just felt so dirty. He just said it without thinking.
“Play with my cock, dad.”
Straight away he said it he thought: what have I just gone and said?
“Sorry, dad. I’m only messing about.”
“That’s all right. I’ll play with it if you want me to, son. I’m your dad. You’re my son. Whatever you want your dad to do, Ashley.”
Dad took hold of his son’s dick and gave it a nice loving squeeze.
“Is that nice, son?”
“Oh yeah, dad. Oooh!”
Dad slowly stroked his son’s hot dick up and down, cradling his son’s tight balls in the palm of his hand.
“Oh, dad.”
“Good boy, Ashley.”
Dad gave his son’s cock and balls lots of tender loving care. Ashley liked it when his dad gently squeezed his tight balls together ever so gently, jiggling them around in the palm of his hand. Slowly jacking him off, dad slipped a finger between his son’s balls and arsehole.
“Oh, dad!”
Ashley’s bell end swelled up bigger, fatter. It was bright purple and shiny. Dad gave him a nice slow wank, Ashley holding on to his dad’s shoulders.
Just being wanked off by his dad was almost enough to make Ashley cum. And if that wasn’t enough, dad only went and unzipped his trousers. He unbuttoned them. He stood up, dropped his trousers and stepped out of them.
Oh fuck, thought Ashley. Now this was gay. Dad had to be gay.
Ashley didn’t care anymore. He stopped questioning it all. He felt amazing and that was all that mattered. For this moment in time Ashley couldn’t care less whether his dad was gay or not.
Dad stripped himself naked. Ashley couldn’t take his eyes off his naked dad. He’d never seen another boy naked and aroused before. He most certainly hadn’t seen an older man naked and aroused. He found himself being turned on like never before. The sight of his dad in the raw with his big cock on bone made his whole body tingle with sexy sensations. Ashley’s dick was dribbling pre-cum by the bucket load and it was all thanks to his naked boned up dad.
“Oh, dad.”
“I know, son.”
Ashley jacked himself off, looking at his dad’s dick. Dad jacked himself off, looking at his son’s dick. This was awesome, father and son jacking off naked together.
It all felt so…beautiful.
Dad lay on the bed.
“Come on, son. Lie on top of me.”
“It’s ok. Lie on top of your dad, there’s a good lad.”
Ashley climbed on top of his dad. He lay on top of him, their stiff hot dicks throbbing together. Dad ran his hands up and down his son’s smooth lean hard soft-skinned body, up and down his back and over his firm tight bum. Ashley wriggled about on top of his dad, wiggling his hips, rolling his dick along his dad’s dick, his face close to his dad’s face. Ashley was breathing hard and fast. Dad could feel his son’s hot breath on his face. Ashley arched his back and humped his dick back and to over his dad’s dick.
“Good boy, Ashley. Shag your dad’s dick. Good boy.”
“Oooh! Dad! Dad! Oooh!”
Ashley started thrusting his hips back and to, shagging his dad’s dick real hard. Dad’s balls were up tight against his son’s balls. Ashley always shaved his balls. They were smooth and it tickled when his dad rubbed his big hairy balls against them.
“Oh, Dad! Dad!”
Ashley fucked his dad’s cock, thrusting his hips harder and harder, his lean body now drenched in sweat. Dad breathed in the sexy whiff of his son’s body.
“Oh, dad! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”
Ashley’s cock exploded in a violent squirting of jizz, his thick spunk spurting all over his dad’s dick and belly and chest, just as dad spunked his load, splashing his sexy son with cum.
Ashley collapsed on top of his dad, their dicks squirting together. With every last drop of cum drained from his balls, Ashley lay on top of his dad. His lips were touching his dad’s lips. Dad kissed him. Ashley just lay there on top of his dad, totally exhausted.
Dad waited for his son to roll off him.
It didn’t happen.
Ashley fell asleep on top of his dad.
Ten minutes later, dad’s phone rang. He reached for it, careful not to disturb his sleeping son. It was Ashley’s mum. Dad answered it, keeping his voice down so as not to wake his son.
“All right, love….Ashley’s asleep. I don’t want to wake him….Did you win? Oh never mind. Better luck next time….Well, I was going to wait till you got home to tell you but I’ll tell you now. We’ve had a great night in…Yeah. He’s only gone and called me dad…Why would I make a thing like that up. Seriously, we get on great….Well, I was just going to tell you. I did it, what you told me to. About the wanking thing…Yeah, it worked. It’s brought us a lot closer….Well, I’ll tell you all about it when you get home. Yeah, I did that like you said only…well, it went a bit further. I may as well tell you coz I know it won’t freak you out. We both got naked…no, serious, I’m not fucking about. We’re both naked now as I speak…Yeah, he’s asleep, on top of me…we’ve wanked each other off and…no…straight up…I know…rubbed our cocks together and everything…Yeah, he’s fast asleep, bless him. It’s brought us a lot closer…I don’t know. It doesn’t matter whether he’s gay or not, does it?...Eh? Of course he wanted it. I wouldn’t have done anything if he didn’t want me to….Ok….Yeah…The main thing is he’s talking to me now. We’re a happy family at last…Ok, love. See you later. Bye. Bye.”
Dad ended the call.
He kissed his sleeping son on the cheek.

Boss and I and His Son by: HoTDad

Let me start off with introducing myself. My name is Bob and I am 6 ft tall with a round shape because I am a bigger person and a dick size of 6 inches. I have long luscious hair that is brownish black and do not know if I am gay but always find myself looking at men in the locker room or at the urinal.
One day I was working on homework in the computer lab in the building I work at. It was evening time around 5:30ish and my boss walks in to use one of the computers. I can tell he is very stressed because his wife has had cancer for a while and I know it has been hard on him. I have found myself fantasize about what my boss looks like with no clothes on and so this is a story about how I took that chance.
Like I was saying he looked much stressed. When he was done at the computer I watched him leave and I followed him into his janitor’s office. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was stressed about his wife (like I had guessed) and that he also needed to relieve himself because he had not had sex in a few months. Once he told me that he turned red and said he was sorry that I did not need to know his personal life like that. I told him that it was OK and went behind him since he was sitting down in a chair and started to give him a back massage. I asked if I could do anything to help, thinking this could be my chance to see what my boss looks like naked. He told me no except I could keep giving him this massage if I wanted to. I said sure and continued to give him one. I looked down periodically hoping to see a tent rise within his pants. After a few times looking for one I tried something new. I was giving him a massage so I moved my hands off his shoulders and placed them on his nipples and began rubbing them.
He jumped and asked what I was doing. I was like just relax and enjoy this. Doesn’t this feel good, I replied? He loosened up a bit and said yeah it does feel pretty good. When I started to rub his nipples I looked down and finally saw a tent rising from within his jeans. I thought to myself it is about time. Once I saw this tent in his pants I stopped giving him a massage and went to the door to shut it and lock it so no one could come in. He again asked what I was doing and became tense again. I told him to relax and started to give his shoulders a nice rubbing again. After a few minutes I worked my way to his nipples and that loosened him up some more. After the nipple I kept making my way down his body and reached his pants where the tent had risen. I grabbed on to the tent that I saw and he jumped up out of the chair asking what I was doing. I said I was helping him relieve himself since he had not been able to do it in a while.
I also told him to relax and to enjoy the ride. Once I finished telling him that I grabbed back onto the tent and gave him a kiss on the lips. He pulled me in and threw his tongue into my mouth and we made out. I unzipped his pants and felt around to bring his cock out. I started to massage his cock and work it so it became super hard. Once I did that I pulled my boss’ shirt up and worked my lips down to the hairy nipple he had. After sucking on the nipple for a half a minute I continued down his body until my mouth reached the cock that he had sticking out of his pants. I put his cock into my mouth and started to suck on that. He started to moan and moan and moan. His moaning was making me horny so I started to rub myself. After a while of sucking on his hairy cock he took my head off of it and said you are better than my son at sucking dick but he would we would enjoy having you over to help both of us out.
What I stammered. Your son sucks your dick for you. My boss replies with “yeah sometimes, when my wife is gone and I need to relieve myself my son and I have sex.” “In fact this Saturday my wife and daughter are going out to go shopping all day so my son and I would love to have you over to join us. My dick grew even more and I said yeah were to do you live. He explained where he lived and that was that for the night.
On Saturday I woke up around 9 o’clock and had a huge boner already because I knew what I was getting into. I walked at to my car trying to hide my tent from the people that were around. I got to my car and drove to my boss’ house. His son answered the door in just his boxers and the head of his dick was hanging out of them. I looked down and saw that and looked back up and we immediately started to kiss and play with each other’s tongues. My boss, Jimmy’s dad came in and asked is bob here. Before he looked up and saw and mentioned wow you guys do not need to be introduced. You guys are quick. Jimmy brought me inside the house and started to take off my shirt. Once my shirt was off Stewart, my boss, came over and licked and sucked on one nipple as his son licked and sucked on the other.
While they were sucking on my nipples I took my hands and started to play with their cocks. Jimmy made his way down to my shorts and unzipped them and unbuttoned them as he saw that my cock was fighting to rip through them already. Once he undid my shorts he pulled them down and my boxers down and I was completely naked. Jimmy took my dick in his mouth and it was incredible. Jimmy then moved over to his dad cock and took that in as well. Stewart looked at me and said told you he sucked my cock, How about you go help him out. So I gave Stewart a little kiss and went to my knees to help Jimmy suck his father’s cock. After a few minutes of sharing Stewart's cock Jimmy was pulled to his feet by his dad and said why don’t you let Bob tackle our cocks and we can make out for a while. So as they were tonguing each other away I had both of their dicks in my mouth taking them in as far as I could before I gagged on them. I sucked them I licked them I played with them for a good while and something went over me to move to their back sides. I started to give them each a rim job and I was tossing their salad and making it so wet before I knew what was going to happen next.
Jimmy and Stewart stopped kissing and Jimmy asked “Daddy can you fuck me”. Sure son he replied let’s just move on into my room. We entered Stewart’s room and Jimmy ran and jumped on the bed. I licked his man pussy one more time before I let His dad thrust his cock up there. As Jimmy was getting fucked we were sucking each other’s cocks when I wanted to have a dick up my ass as well. Stewart I asked. Can you fuck me as well? I am a little tight so be careful at first. He moved positions and I felt his wet dick up against my hairy hole. I felt him push a little bit and I started to let out a moan. As I moaned Jimmy put his cock into my mouth and I was shut up but I did not mind because I had a dick entering my ass and a dick in my mouth at the same time. At first it hurt and I started to cry a bit but once he left it in there for a minute that pain turned to the best thing I have ever felt.
I wanted him in there all the time. I did not want him to stop fucking my ass. It was so pleasurable I told jimmy to fuck me at the same time so I had two dicks going up my ass at the same time. I felt like I was in heaven and I did not want it to stop. Jimmy said he was about to cum and I told him to let me eat his cum so he pulled out and entered it into my mouth and I could not get my tongue on his cock before it started to pulsate and explode. There his cum was gushing into my mouth spilling out of my mouth because there was so much. Jimmy was moaning yes and told me once I was done with cleaning his dick off to start fucking him at the same time that his father was fucking me.
So I finished cleaning the cum off of his dick and positioned my dick so it could enter Jimmy’s ass. We were so horny none of us wanted to where condoms either. We eventually got into a rhythm and were fucking really well when I felt some gushing warm seed enter my ass. I stopped and let it ooze out of my loose man pussy before I continued to fuck my boss son. When Stewart finally pulled his limp dick out of my ass he immediately took his tongue and started to lick up the cum that had oozed out and was sucking the rest of it out of my ass. I was so horny that I had to cum really soon and so I asked Jimmy, “Do you want me in your ass or in your mouth?”
He responded with his mouth and so I pulled my hard cock out of his ass and he almost missed some of the cum before I erupted all over his face and mouth and tongue. I just kept cumming and it would not stop. I helped Jimmy clean the cum off of his face by licking and kissing him and the three of us just laid there in Stewart's bed and took a nap naked.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daddy Looking While Mom is Away by: George

You can call this fictional.

One Sunday afternoon I was just watching football. I knew my dad was getting in the shower and thought of it as no big deal, and my mother went into town for the day. I'm a little horny so I look up naked men my phone and start to rub my cock through my pants. I'm starting to get hard when I hear my dad walking through the upstairs and probably on his way downstairs so I have to stop.
The reason why I stopped was because I did not want to get caught by my dad stroking my cock or looking at naked men on my phone since he did not know I was into that stuff. Well that is I did not think he knew I was into that stuff, when all of a sudden my father comes walking down the stairs completely naked with is laptop in his hands. I just stare at his cock hoping he notices but doesn't noticed at the same time. I want him to notice so he will make me suck that hairy cock of his but I dont want him to notice because I do think he knows if I am gay.
Now my father is about 5'10" with a 6.5 inch cock and a little hairy but with a jungle down near his cock. He is completely against the gay lifestyle. He says it is nasty when he see men kissing or even if they are gay on tv.
When my father lays down on the other couch, he lays so I can see what he is looking up. What is on my dads laptop is a shock to me. their is gay porn playing on his laptop and he is just watching it, not playing or rubbing himself, not even getting hard but just watching gay porn. I start to look over and I get hard instantly.I dont say anything as I want to keep watching it. The gays start to suck each others cocks off in the movie and I am so hard my hormones take over my body. I stand up and walk over to my father.
With out saying a word I just kneel down and start rubbing his cock.when he starts to get hard he says "finally, it is about time you come over to me. I have been waiting for you to do this since I started walking down the stairs."
"What do you mean?" I reply
"Well I caught you watching gay porn one day and did not say anything to you. Instead I was going to find a time when we were alone and I could get you to rub and suck my cock. Your mom does not like sucking."
Completely in shocked I respond by saying "I thought you were against being gay." (Continuing to rub his cock)
Well I am but when I saw you watching it I thought I could try it since my son is into it. So I started to look at gay porn and wishing I had someone to suck my cock. I was looking through Craigslist one day and saw that you posted in a M2M ad and I thought what to have gay sex , since I want to try it, with my son."
At that time my dad is completely hard from me rubbing his cock so I put my lips up to his cock, and start licking it. Before long I have my lips around his cock with it pulsating in my mouth.
After I suck his cock for a few minutes I ask if we can go to his room. He responds with "No your mother might find out about this if it is in our room, but we can go to yours."
We get up to my room I shut and lock the door behind us while my dad goes and lays on my bed with his legs spread. I walk over to my bed and start crawling up my bed in between my dads legs. I stopped at his cock and sucked it for a little bit longer but I continued up his body. I stopped at his nipples to lick them as well. When I continued up to my dads face I started to kiss him. I kissed his neck and then made it to his lips. We made out and tongued for a long time when I whispered into my dads ear, "Can you fuck me?"
"Of course I can son! I have been waiting for that question."
I stand up and take off my clothes and we kiss again for a little bit. He licks my nipples and then turns me around and started rubbing my ass. He licks it and fingers it for a few minutes to warm my ass up. All of a sudden I feel his cock start slapping my in the ass and hitting my hole. "You ready for this son?"
"Oh daddy, Yes I am ready for it. Fuck me please. Just put your cock up my ass and fuck me." I moan
He starts to insert his cock in my ass and I let out a huge moan. "Oh daddy it hurts but don't stop fucking me." He starts to go a little harder and then harder. I am just rocking back and forth letting out moan after moan in pleasure Yelling "Daddy this feels so good. Keep going. Oh daddy please."
After a while he lets out a huge moan and says "Son I'm gonna cum."
OH daddy let me eat it.
So he pulls out and I turn around. I take his dick into my mouth and as soon as I put it in he starts shooting his cum all over my mouth and at the back of my throat. I continue to suck his cock until no more cum shoot out of his throbbing cock.
Once he is done I start masturbating and kissing my dad, tongue and all. He wanted to try I guess because the next thing I know his face is down by my cock and he starts to lick it and take mine into his mouth. Oh daddy yes I say. Does it taste good? Daddy shakes his head in agreement and continues to suck. I pull out of his mouth and start masturbating again. I yell i'm cumming and at that moment I start shooting all over my dads face. He licks some of it off his face but lets me lick some off his face and well and we share the cum between our mouths.
We laid there and made out for another five minutes when we heard the garage door open and he runs into his room and gets dressed. I grab my towel and go get in the shower. When my dad gets dressed he goes out into the shop and starts to work so when he is done he can take a shower as well.
Right before my mom walks in the door I ask my dad "Dad can we do this again?"
"Of course we can son. I enjoyed this so much. Maybe you can fuck me next time as well."
"Oh dad I cant wait for the next time mom leaves us alone for the day."
Then I hope in the shower, dad goes to the shop and mom walks in the door. We play it off like nothing had ever happened. That is until the next we were alone.
We did this every time we were together alone. At home, Camping for Boy Scouts, in the boat, in someone else house, at church, you name it we have done it. We even try to get a third when we know mom will be gone so we can have more fun. Up until this day we still have sex and we even get a little risky by kissing when mom is home but not in the same room. until we get caught we will continue and even if we do get caught dad is going to try to convince mom that she join us for some hot dad mom son sex.