Thursday, November 5, 2015

On the Way Home from Work By David Johns

"I recently had taken a job about a half-hour from my home. After my first day at work, coming home about 10:00 p.m., I had to pee so I stopped at a rest stop on the local highway I had passed when driving to work."
It was one of those old-fashioned ones, wooden building with old-fashioned fixtures inside.
When I entered I noticed that it had two stalls without doors and two old-fashioned urinals next to one stall, with no dividers between the urinals, and a sink next to the urinals.
I decided to sit in the stall next to the urinals, since my legs were tired from work. I noticed there was a little hole in the wooden wall, and peeking through it, I realized it was a peep-hole to watch guys at the urinals.
Suddenly I heard someone pulling into the parking lot. Since I was curious about the peep-hole, I remained seated, my pants lowered to the floor and my hand holding my average-sized uncut cock inside the bowl.
In came a man about my age (40s) in a business suit, his tie unfastened. He looked down at my crotch and then went around to the urinal. I couldn't help but look through the peep-hole.
He took out a beautiful uncut cock and then just let it hang there. It had a nice puckered "nipple" of foreskin at the end, kind of tight. He didn't peel it back at all, or pee. He just stood there, his cock out it all its glory.
But then it started to get hard, without him even touching it. It grew and hardened and moved from hanging down to pointing straight out to pointing up, all without even touching it! The pucker didn't go away, and I could see the rim of his swollen cockhead visible through his cock skin cover.
"Hot in here, isn't it?" he said. "Sure is!" I replied. "Sure would like some relief from the heat," he said back.
I took that as a cue and pulled my pants up. My own cock was hard by now, of course, the head still covered by foreskin even though I had been playing with the head through the skin while I watched his cock harden.
I came out and went to the sink next to the urinals. Pretending to comb my hair, I saw him looking at me and then looking at his cock. I took the cue.
I came over and stood next to him at the other urinal, unzipped, and took my own cock out of my pants. We both stood there with our hard uncut cocks sticking out, mine pointing at the wall and his pointing at the ceiling. We both looked at each other's cocks, waiting for the next step.
He reached over and took my cock, so I took hold of his cock. He smiled at me, and I returned the smile. He began by pulling on my puckered overhang, which I did to his cock. Man that felt good!
Then he pulled my skin back just enough to see the piss slit, which was slick with precum. I did the same to him, and he had lots of precum, too.
Then he started jacking my cock slowly, pulling the skin back to just in front of the rim but not behind it. I did the same to him, guessing that he wanted to hold off on skinning all the way back behind the rim for a bit. Man was this hot! There were not many uncut guys around, and I had one of them in my hand! And he had my uncut cock in his hand, knowing just what to do to drive me crazy.
Then we heard a car pulling into the parking lot. I stayed at the urinal while he quickly moved into a stall and stood as if he were peeing there.
In came in another guy in casual clothes--about 50. He came over to the urinals and took out his cock. I was trying to point mine down so my erection wouldn't be quite so obvious (although I couldn't hide it, of course).
I glanced over and noticed that -- believe it or not -- he was uncut, too! He held his cock, which had a foreskin that was full and loose, the overhang opening floppy rather than puckered.
He started sliding his foreskin back and forth a little, and then looked down at my cock. I started doing the same, looking at his. We were both keeping our foreskins in front of the rim of our cockheads, waiting for the full unveiling later.
Then he reached over and took my cock in his hand. Of course I reached over and took hold of his cock, too. There we were, working each other's foreskins back and forth over most of our cockheads but not behind the rim yet.
When the first guy figured out what we were doing, he came out, his hard cock pointing straight up and with a still-covered head sticking out of his suit pants.
He came over to join us, and we turned from the urinals and made a three-man circle. He took the first guy's cock in his other hand. The first guy reached over to take my cock in his hand, not wanting to feel left out.
I said, "Let's see those beautiful cockheads! You go first," I nodded to the first guy. I slowly pulled his foreskin back, back, back, till it snapped behind his coronal rim. "Oh!" he exclaimed, so turned on by all the sensations of that first unveiling.
"Now you," I said, nodding to the second guy. The first guy started pulling this guy's foreskin back, which was very easy to do because it was full and very loose. "Oh yeah man!" he said as the rim of his wet and dark red head was uncovered.
"Now it's your turn," they both said. They watched as my foreskin was pulled back slowly, back, back, back till it popped over the rim. "Oh wow!" I said, my cock throbbing.
"Now let go of those cocks and let's see whose cocks will recover without any help," I directed.
We all let go of the cocks, and watched to see what happened. My foreskin immediately went back over the head, with just the slit barely visible through the skin opening.
The second guy's full and loose foreskin slid back into place too, covering even his slit and no head showing at all.
The first guy's slightly tighter foreskin stayed behind the head though, which is also sexy to see, folds of foreskin bunched up behind a prominent rim.
"Here, let me help you," I said as I reached over and took hold of his cock. I pulled his foreskin up over the rim, back onto the head. "OH!" he said. I knew that would really turn him on, what with all the nerves in the foreskin as well as on the glans.
"Now let's see some cream!" said the second guy. He grabbed my cock and the first guy grabbed his cock.
We started jackin’ each other's skins, first slowly then going faster and faster. Our cocks were hard as rocks, the heads swollen (two were dark red and one -- the second guy's -- was pink), and the foreskin flying over the coronas back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
"Let's watch each guy cum in a urinal," I suggested. "I'm ready," said the first guy.
The second guy grabbed his cock while I massaged his ass. Foreskin flying, he looked like he was having an epileptic seizure as load after load of cum spewed out into the urinal. He took some time before he came back to earth.
"I'm ready," said the second guy. I grabbed his foreskin while the second guy played with his big balls which were also hanging out his fly. I jacked that foreskin back and forth over his big head, which was almost as big as a ping pong ball. I felt him swell up and then, BANG, explode gob after gob of hot cum into the urinal, mixing with the first guy's jism.
"Okay, guys, now it's my turn," I said. I stood at the urinal, holding a half-hard uncut cock in either hand as they jacked my foreskin back and forth over my swollen head, bumping the rim on the way up and on the way down, my cock getting harder and harder by the mini-second. They both held my cock, then the first guy took over, holding it in his tight fist as he worked that man skin back and forth over the rim and the helmet that was about to explode.
The second guy leaned over and kissed the back of my neck while I had an uncut cock in each hand, and that did it.
BAM, out came cum after cum after cum, as my knees almost gave way. I had to keep my mouth clenched closed as I began to scream from the sensations coursing through my body. It was like being electrocuted, except with sex rather than with voltage.
And then it was over.
We each went over to the sink, skinned back, and washed our tender cockheads off, while the others watched. Then we zipped up, and made sure to flush the gallon (it seemed) of cum down the urinal (which took a little while!).
Then we each gave each other a hug and left, never to see one another again.
I had a couple of other experiences at this rest stop before I changed jobs and moved away, but I'll save those for another time.
Imagine not many cut guys in the area, yet three of us ended up in the same place at the same time that evening. What a grand coincidence! (I'm getting hard just typing this story, so I gotta go "take care of things.")

Doctor's Visit By David Johns

My new doctor was a handsome guy all right. Younger than me, he was in his 20s, dark and hairy, and not too tall. He had a wonderful smile, and I really looked forward to my physical.
He told me to strip down to my boxers and he'd be right back. I did that and sat back down on the examining table.
Then doc came back in and did the regular stuff, and his hand on my chest made my nipples tingle. I'm sure he noticed.
"Just lie back," he told me, so I did. After examining my abdomen, he said, "Please lift up your rear so I can lower your boxers to examine your privates."
I lifted up my rear, and he slid my boxers down off my feet. I know my cock was swollen, and I sure hoped it wouldn't get hard! I'd be so embarrassed!
He examined my balls through my loose sac, and said they were fine. "Since this is your first visit, I need to examine the head of your penis." And with that, he took ahold of my penis and began to slowly pull my foreskin back, back, back off the head. Well, that did it! I got completely hard!
I must have blushed, because he looked at me and smiled, saying "Don't worry, I've seen an erect penis before!" with a wink.
He examined my very sensitive cockhead and then let go of my foreskin. It slid back in place over the head, the overhang back into it original pucker even though I was rock hard.
"That's a nice foreskin you have," doc said, "It seems to be nice and loose." "I have a good time with it," I told him, and I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants.
"I'm circumcised," doc said. "I noticed that when I retracted your foreskin you had a full erection. Is that because when you masturbate, you pull the foreskin back and forth?"
"Yep, that's the regular way we guys with 'skins do it," I told him.
"I've never seen a guy masturbate with a foreskin before," doc said. "That's not something they show you in med school!" he said with a wink. "My office staff have left for the day, and you're my last patient. Would you show me how you do it?"
"Sure," I replied, "but so I won't feel weird, you have to masturbate with me." "OK," he said, and he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, allowing them to fall to the floor.
Inside his tightie whities was a fully hard cock about my size making a big bulge. He dropped his briefs and let his mushroom-headed cock be seen. "Looks great, doc!" I told him. "Thanks," he said with a bit of a blush.
"OK, here's how I masturbate," I said, as I wrapped my hand around my cock and started working the foreskin back and forth over my cockhead, which was dark red and shiny with precum.
"That looks like fun," doc told me. "Here's how I do it," he said as he spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his cock, both the head and the shaft. "I guess I let my hand be my foreskin!" he joked.
"If you want to see what it feels like in your hand, you can," I offered. "OK, you can do mine, too, if you want," doc replied.
I spit in my hand and started stroking his mushroom, while doc wrapped his hand around my hard cock and worked the skin back and forth.
"I'm gonna climax pretty soon," I told him, "I haven't had sex in a while." "That's OK," doc replied. "When you ejaculate, I will try to also."
We both jerked each other's cocks, and we could feel them swelling up. "Here I go!" I said. "Let 'er rip!" doc said.
I began to shoot what seemed like gallons of cum out my cock, all over the doctor's hand as well as my foreskin and shaft and pubic hair.
"OHHHH!" doc cried out as loads of cum shot out of the top of his mushroom onto my stomach. Boy did we unload a lot!!
"Well, I certainly learned about masturbation with a foreskin. Thanks, sir!" doc told me with a wink. "You're welcome," I said, "I hope your unloading felt as good as mine did for me." "Oh yeah," he said. "Let's clean up and go home."
This never happened again, but I sure remember it in my j/o fantasies! And I always got hard whenever doc gave me a physical -- and I think he did, too!

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Bisexual Uncut Fantasy By David Johns

My friend from college was visiting us, and we let him go to bed in the guest room.
My wife and I went into our bedroom and decided to have sex. I left the door cracked without my wife knowing it, in case my buddy wanted to look.
My wife and I stripped, and she took hold of my cock with its full foreskin and started working it back and forth. This gets me hard of course, and then I lay on my back.
She lowered her pussy on to my cock, letting her pussy lips push my skin back. Then she stared moving up and down, pulling my cock skin back and forth and really getting me going.
Suddenly I noticed that my buddy had opened the door part way and was rubbing his crotch. I winked at him and nodded (my wife had her eyes closed so she didn't see a thing), and he took his cock out.
He was uncut, too, and he started slowly moving his foreskin back and forth over his cock.
I nodded to him again, and he stripped, his cock standing almost straight up and almost touching his belly. The full foreskin let just the slit show on his cock, which had a drop of precum on it.
I motioned again, and he came over to stand by me. My wife had her eyes open by now, and she was looking at his big cock while she was riding on my cock.
I reached over and took my buddy's cock in my hand, moving the foreskin back and forth but never pulling it all the way back. "Mmm," said my wife, "Suck it."
I didn't have to be told twice. I put my mouth on his hooded cock, and then went all the way down on it, peeling back his nerve-studded foreskin and letting the tender bared head go down my throat.
I sucked him for a while, moving his skin back and forth with my mouth. Then I pulled off his rock-hard and precum-wet cock, the head once again covered by man skin.
"Take her ass," I told my buddy. "Oh yes, please!" my wife said.
My buddy didn't have to be asked twice either. He came up behind her, stuffed his foreskin in her ass hole, and then slid the head in. "Oh yes!" my wife exclaimed.
Then he slid his whole cock into her, inch by inch. I could feel his cock inside her, and I'm sure he could feel mine, too.
We both fucked her for a while, and all three of us were about to go crazy.
"Stick your cock in her pussy, next to mine," I told my friend. "Will it fit?" he asked. "I can take it!" my wife said.
So my friend took his cock out of her ass, bent her over toward me, and slid his slick cock next to mine inside her pussy. It was really tight, the tender undersides of our cocks rubbing together held fast by hot wet pussy.
"Oh man!" all three of us said at the same time. "I'll lie still while you fuck," I said. So he did.
Our balls bumped together as he thrust in and out of her, rubbing our tender cockheads together when he was deep inside her.
"Let's cum on her tits," he suggested. "Fine with me," my wife and I said.
She lay down on her back and played with her clit. My buddy and I knelt on either side of her. I reached over and took his cock, and he reached over and took my cock (just like we jacked each other off in college).
We jacked each other's foreskins back and forth, feeling our cockheads swelling up under their skin stimulators, and then our shafts swelling up as we got close.
"You ready?" I asked my buddy. "Oh yeah!" he replied.
Out came what seemed like gallons of cum on her left tit from his cock and on her right tit from my cock. She screamed as she came too, from the sight of her husband and his buddy jacking each other off, and her expert hand on her clit.
We fell in each other's arms on the bed. After we recovered, my buddy said thanks and went back to his bedroom.
We didn't talk about this the next morning. But I sure hope my buddy and I get to share a room at some conference. We can enjoy jacking each other off while we remember what a hot time the three of us had.
(This will never be a reality, as my wife is very straight-laced and I'm a little worried she might like his cock better than mine, but it's a great fantasy!)

AT THE GYM By David Johns

Today after I finished exercising , I went to the shower as I usually did. The warm water felt great! I was alone in the gang shower (no dividers), but I could hear another guy changing so I thought he might be coming into the shower soon. I was right.
When he came in, I noticed that he had a nice body and a very nice cut cock. We nodded to each other and then he went to the shower head across from me. I saw him look down and take a quick look at my uncut cock. He seemed to be interested in it.
As part of my showering I always pull back my foreskin and rub the cock head with my fingers and some clear water, and then pull the foreskin back in place over the head again.
I saw that he was watching me while I was doing this. I looked at him in the eyes and he said rather timidly, "I've never seen a guy do that before." I smiled and said, "I do it every time I shower. No biggie."
He said to me, "Mind doing it again so I can see it again?" I answered back, "Want to come over next to me so you can see it better?" He said sure, and came over to the shower head next to mine.
I reached down and took ahold of my cock (which was semi-hard by this time, as was his I noticed), slowly pulled the foreskin back behind the head -- which was a dark reddish purple -- and rubbed the head with my fingers and some clear water. Then I pulled the foreskin back in place over the head again. "Cool!" he said.
"Want to do it for me and see what it feels like?" I asked him. "Wow! Could I?" he said eagerly. Then he reached down and took ahold of my cock -- which was fully hard by this time, of course -- slowly pulled the foreskin back behind the head (which was swollen up of course), rubbed the head with his fingers and some clear water (which gave me a chill down my spine, of course!), and then pulled the foreskin back in place over the head again. By this time he was fully hard too, I noticed.
"That's how I jack off, pulling the foreskin back and forth," I told him. "Want to do it till I cum?" He blushed a bit and said sure. So he reached down and started working my foreskin back and forth, up and down over the head.
Meanwhile, just to be nice to him (hehe), I soaped up my hand and reached over to take ahold of his rock hard mushroom-shaped cut cock, jacking it off the way I had seen my cut friends do, meaning running my soaped-up hand up and down the bulbous head. We both moaned as we jacked each other off.
"Ohhh!" I said, and so did he. As he continued to work my foreskin back and forth, and I continued to rub his soapy cock, we both came at the same time. Load after load of cum shot out of our cocks and onto the floor of the shower. Man, what a mess we made! (But of course the water washed it down the drain with no problem.)
"Watch me while I wash the cum off my cockhead," I told him. He gladly watched as I retracted my foreskin, washed the cum off the head, and then pulled the foreskin back in place over the head (I have a full foreskin that stays in place over the head unless I pull it back). I saw him reach down and wash off his cock head, too.
Then we finished our showers, letting our cocks go down a little, and dried off as if nothing had happened. Is he gay? Who knows. Will this happen again? Who knows. Am I glad that it did happen! Oh yeah!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On The Bus By David Johns

My college choir went on tour every January between semesters, and we travelled on a chartered bus. Sometimes the trips were at night, and on those trips all the lights had been turned off. Ray decided to sit next to me. I had always thought that Ray was a handsome guy, and I had seen his nice body in the showers: medium hairy, trim but not overly muscular, medium length cut cock, and nice low-hanging balls.
The air conditioner was really working that night, and most of us had placed a blanket over us (and our seat partner) in order to stay warm. Ray and I did, too, and of course our legs were touching since we were sitting next to each other . But I also noticed that Ray's hand was touching my thigh under the blanket, and I thought something might happen.
At first Ray just moved his hand a bit, rubbing my thigh with his pinky finger. But then he moved more and more of his hand from his leg onto my leg. Of course I was getting hard just trying to imagine what might happen. So I put my hand down by his, and we ended up with our hands on each other's thighs.
Ray was making the first move, and I did the same thing he did. He moved his hand from my thigh onto my crotch, and I did the same. I could feel his rock hard cock inside his pants, and I'm sure he could feel mine, too. We both squeezed each other's hard-ons, and also rubbed out hands under each other's balls beneath them. Then Ray started to unzip my pants. I drew in my breath, but since it was dark and most people were sleeping (I assumed anyway), I didn't try to stop him. I unzipped him, too.
Luckily I had decided to wear boxers that day instead of my usual briefs (in those days most guys wore briefs), and although I had not seen Ray's choice of underwear, he had on boxers, too. Out from his boxers and pants I brought his rock hard, throbbing, big-headed mushroom-shaped cock (I could feel all this with my hand). I realized that my breathing had really picked up, so I calmed myself down a bit so as not to draw undue attention to us.
Meanwhile, Ray had pulled out my rock hard, throbbing cock with its full, thick, loose foreskin still over the head (my foreskin was the type that when soft had a puckered overhang and when hard still covered the head). I heard Ray moan just the slightest as he ran his index finger inside my foreskin opening, slick with precum, stimulating the pee hole just a bit. I noticed some precum oozing out the pee hole of Ray's cock too, and I smeared it around his glans, especially around the rim (he didn't have a frenulum any more, poor guy).
Then Ray started to slowly, ever so slowly, peel back my foreskin, allowing the sensitive gathering at the opening to stroke my exquisitely sensitive cockhead. I really had to hold in my pleasure moans now!
Soon my foreskin was completely behind the head. This is where some cut guys can really cause pain instead of pleasure -- if they don't treat the super sensitive glans of an uncut cock carefully (cut guys can often be too rough).
But Ray knew what he was doing. He ever so lightly ran his precum-lubed finger around the rim of the head, and gently tickled the fren on the underside of my glans. Oh baby! Ray knew what he was doing!
Meanwhile I was squeezing and stroking Ray's hot member, feeling the prominent vein along the shaft. I knew how to treat a cut cock, too, you know! (Plenty of practice!) Then we started slowly jacking each other off for real. We couldn't go fast since it would make too much noise. But the slow stimulation was a wonderful change of pace.
Ray was slowly moving my foreskin back and forth. Many uncut guys only pull it back part way on the down-stroke, but I liked it pulled all the way back so the foreskin would "bump" against the rim on the upstroke. Somehow -- don't ask me how -- Ray instinctively knew that. He pulled it all the way back (but not uncomfortably back too far), then all the way forward, bunching the foreskin a bit past the head.
Meanwhile I was allowing my precum-lubed hand to stroke up and down Ray's shaft, the top of my fist sliding over the rim of his circumcised cockhead. (I noticed Ray was fighting back moans as well.)
It was not long before I felt his cock starting to swell and I knew he was close to cumming. Of course this really turned me on, and I'm sure Ray could feel my cock swelling as well. Man, the foreskin bumping the rim of the head felt damn hot! (And Ray seemed to like my technique, too!) Ray drew his breath in as I felt hot cum shoot out onto the inside of the blanket and run down my hand and his cock and even on to his balls.
Oh man, I felt my cock explode too, and Ray was able to capture most of my cum inside my full foreskin so there was less of a mess on the blanket on my side.
Then we both relaxed as our orgasms ended. We still held onto each other's cocks as we felt them slowly softening. We remained like that, holding each other's cum-covered cocks for a while, just relaxing in the afterglow.
Then we released, wiped our cocks on the inside of the blanket (wherever we could find a clean place), put our cocks away, and zipped up. Then we went to sleep, like everyone else (supposedly).
When we arrived at our stop, we started to get off the bus with our friends. I took the blanket with me -- I told people that I had spilled food on it and I wanted to wash it before I turned it back in (which is basically the truth, "food"!). For some reason that story was accepted. (What I really did was, after smelling the cum inside one last time), was throw the blanket away in an alley dumpster. Anybody who found it probably assumed it was cum from some horny old guy in the alley. But I knew what it really was: spunk from two guys jacking each other off .
Ray graduated that year, and I haven't heard from him since. I was always grateful for that night, for we seemed a bit closer as choir buddies. Jacking each other off does that—it makes guys closer.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Daddy's boy By Loboclique

submitted May 6, 2015

I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My names josh Henderson. I had the 'fortunate' luck of being born into a Military family. I'm finally 18 and starting college in a couple months but I'm still in high school. I actually just moved so I'm starting over once again at what is now my 5th high school. I'm skinny, only 119 pounds and 5 foot 3. I have an athletic body because I've played baseball my whole life. I also have a great ass like we're known for. I have green eyes, brown hair and a nice tan skin. I'm mostly smooth all over except for a fuzzy happy trail that leads to my 8" cut cock. I just moved to Colorado and I start school tomorrow.
I walk into the bathroom and grab my dildo from under the sink. It's about 6" because I'm scared to hurt myself. I turn the water on to warm it up and begin to rub it against my tight whole. I get wet and soon it slides in. I continue to fuck myself pushing it in and out. I moan loudly since I'm home alone. I think about my sexy dad fucking me. His dick sliding in me to breed my ass like I want him to. My dad's a mans man. He's a marine and 6 foot 4 he is only 37 and has the body of a Greek god. I've never seen him naked but with his huge bulge he has to be hung like a horse. He has a great jawline and powerful arms and was board abs. I've always wanted to suck his dick but he's homophobic and I know he'd kill me if I tried. I must have been too concentrated inducing myself because I didn't here him come home. I was in the middle of moaning his name when he kicked the door open.
"What the FUCK is going on" he shouted when he saw me. I was standing in front of him speechless with my ass clenched shut. 'Dont let the dildo slip out' I told myself. As far as he knows I was just jacking off. "Uhh...nothing sir" I replied while my boner proved other wise. He came close to me and said "if your gonna fucking play with yourself can you do it without moaning like a bitch?" He asked rudely. "Uh yes sorry dad" my dad let out a chuckle as if he didn't just scare the shit out of me and said "well you have a nice sized member there". Referring to my dick!!! "But don't forget who the real man is." He said as he pulled out his huge thick cock and balls. It was so meaty and thick almost twice as long and twice as thick as the dildo hidden in my ass. He tucked is monster dick up laughed and hit me in the arm. I flinched and in a moment of pure horror, felt the dildo slip out of me and fall to the bath tub floor. My dad's face changed immediately. He began asking if I was a gay faggot that liked dick. He picked up my dildo looked me in the eyes and said "you fucking bitch, you want to be gay that's fine but you want be a bitch. This is the smallest dick I've ever seen. You want to be fucked by men?" He asked. I mumbled out a yes. " well I'll show you why it feels like to be fucked by a real man. He grabbed my head and brought it to his crotch he rubbed my face against his monster cock till it practically bursted his pants open. He ripped his pants down and his cock quickly found it's way down my throat. It felt so good to gag on his huge cock. He chocked me till I almost blacked out. My nose pushed into hi pubes. I felt his huge balls slapping under my chin as he force feed me his dick. He flipped me over and pushed me against the wall. "You like that dick? You like that man cock in your throat? Huh son?" "Yes daddy I love it" I said while my check was pressed against the tile of my shower wall. He slid his finger into my ass and moaned saying I was so tight. I told him I'm a virgin and he pressed his young inside of me I almost came right there. I felt him press his cock agains my hole and I shudders in excitement. He started to slide his huge cock in me. I moaned in pain as his head glided past my prostrate he was now only halfway in when he suddenly pulled all the way out. I moaned in pleasure till he imediatly pushed his cock inside me all the way till his balls smacked my ass loudly, but not as loud as I was now moaning in pain. He bent me over till my face was now on the bathtub floor and my ass hick in the air. I felt pressure against my ass and then like it was being starched. My dad moaned loudly and then stood me up again. I could no longer feel his balls against my ass because he had shoved them inside me! He began to fuck me so hard his whole body slamming into mine. And my body against the wall. I felt his balls bouncing in my ass as he fucked me. He then flipped me around and picked me up and pressed his mouth against mine while breeding my ass. He then carried me to my bed and layer me down. I stared into his eyes while drilled me for the next 40 minuets with his cock and balls in my ass. He kept saying " this is what you wanted you fucking fagot.i felt his balls tighten as he pressed hard into me as he planted rope after rope of his seed into my ass. He didn't pull out and we walked around the house all day with me Wrapped around his waist to keep his dick and balls inside me. I went to sleep with my dads cock in my ass and woke up to him fucking me again saying " they don't need me to report in today so this Vick will be in your boy pussy all day". THE END

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ang Pinakamimithi (shared by Ryson)

When I was still a child I already knew that I am different from other guys. I do have attraction towards sa mga kalaro kong male. And now I’m 18 and a college student. I stand 5' 8” tall and my height is already an advantage for me to become a good volleyball player in our school. Kung sa appearance ko lang ay hindi mo talaga masasabing ako ay hindi straight. Sa edad kung ito ay marami na rin akong naka-sex na lalaki, especially sa mga co-player ko at lalo na sa coach namin at sa kanyang kaibigang teacher din sa school namin.

Pero ang mas higit na tumanim sa aking isipan at hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan ay ang mga experience ko sa mga relative ko. Kabilang dito ang uncle ko, ang ilan sa mga bayaw kung lalaki at ang matagal kong minimithi simula ng aking pagkabata at una ko rin natikman... ang burat ng papa ko. Lahat ng iyon ay naisakatuparan ko noong sila ay mahimbing na natutulog at kung nasobrahan sa kalasingan.Noon pa mang bata pa ako ay hinahangaan ko na talaga ang aking papa. Talagang lalaking-lalaki sa ano mang aspeto ng pagkatao nito. May kataasan din ang aking ama na nasa 5' 9” ang height, moreno, matikas pa rin ang pangangatwan kahit medyo may kaunting kalakihan ng t’yan dahil sa kaiinom ng alak, at higit sa lahat ay talagang gwapo ang papa ko. Paminsan-minsan sa tuwing umuuwi si mama sa probinsya nila ay katabi ko si papa na matulog sa room nila. Naka-brief lang siya at talagang parang mantika kung matulog.

Nang minsang wala ang mama ko ay gumawa ako ng paraan upang makatulog sa tabi ng papa ko. Mga bandang alas-dose na ng hating-gabi ay nagising ako dahil naiihi ako. Nang bumalik ako sa bed ay tanaw na tanaw ko ang bukol ng papa sa brief niya. Bakat na bakat ang ulo at katawan ng tarugo niya. Halatang-halata na may kalakihan iyon. Hindi ko maipaliwanag sa aking sarili kung anong klaseng kalibugan ang pumasok sa isip ko. Hinawakan ko ang bumubukol sa harapan ng brief ni papa. Subalit agad din akong kinahinaan ng loob at hanggang ganoon na lamang ang aking ginawa. Nakaramdam ako ng takot na baka magising ang papa ko at mahuli niya ako sa akto.Ngunit kinaumagahan ay wala pa rin si mama. Inimbita kami ng kaibigan ni papa sa piyesta ng kanilang barangay. Pagkatapos naming kumain ay nag-inuman agad silang magkakaibigan. Bandang alas-singko ng hapon ay nagpasya na ang ate ko na umuwi na kami. Pinahatid na lang kami ng kaibigan ng papa ko sa kanilang sasakyan dahil mamaya na raw susunod si papa.Mga alas-onse na ng gabi ng dumating ang papa ko. Inihatid na siya ng kaibigan niya dahil lasing na lasing na ito. Pagkababa nya sa sasakyan ay inalalayan siya ng mga tito ko na nakatira din sa tabi ng bahay namin. Dinala nila ito sa kwarto niya. Inihiga sa kama at nakatulog na siya. Tinabihan ko rin naman siya. Makalipas ng ilang minutong pagkakahiga ni papa ay tila nahimasmasan na siya. Marahil ay nakaramdam siya ng alinsangan. Sanay kasi siyang maligo muna bago matulog. Iyon na nga ang ginawa niya sa kanyang pagbangon. Habang naliligo siya ay nakatulog naman na ako.
Hindi ko na namalayan ang muli niyang pagtabi sa akin. Subalit sa kalaliman ng gabi ay bigla akong naalimpungatan. Naiihi na naman kasi ako. Napatakbo ako agad sa toilet upang umihi. Pagkabalik ko sa room ay doon ko napagmasdan ang natutulog kong papa. Dahan-dahan kong nilapitan ang aking papa. Kitang-kita ko ang bukol niya na natatakpan lang ng tuwalya. Marahil sa sobrang kalasingan ay tinamad na siyang magbihis matapos siyang makaligo. Hindi na niya rin inalis ang nakatapis na tuwalya sa kanyang baywang.

Napakasarap talagang pagmasdan ang papa ko. Balbon ito na may kung anong dalang kiliti sa akin sa tuwing makikita ko ang makapal na balahibo sa ano mang parte ng katawan niya. Bigla kong hinawakan ang bukol niya. Nasalat ko ang kanyang tarugo. Hinimas-himas ko ito at laking gulat ko ng ito ay tumigas ng pagkatigas-tigas. Subalit tulog pa rin ang papa ko.

Sa tindi ng libog na nararamdaman ko ng mga sandaling iyon ay sinimulan kong dilaan ang mga utong niya sa dibdib. Hindi rin nakaligtas ang mga bulbol niya sa kilikili dahil eksaktong nakaaangat ang mga braso niya. Bagong ligo naman si papa at mabango naman ang kanyang kilikili. Sa pagdila ko sa kanyang kilikil ay hindi pa rin siya nagising.

Tinanggal ko na ng tuluyan ang pagkakatapis ng tuwalya sa kanya baywang. Halos lumuwa ang aking mga mata dahil sa nakita kung burat ng ang aking ama. Halos nasa 8 and a half inches ito. May katabaan ito na napapaligiran ng malagong bulbol. Dinilaan ko ang dulo ng pinaka-ulo nito at sumunod ay isinubo ko na rin ito. Hindi pa rin siya nagising. Ipinagpatuloy ko ang pagtsupa sa kanya. Pati bayag niya ay hindi rin nakaligtas. Bigla na lamang tumigas ang kanyang binti at isang mahinang ungol ang kanyang binitawan sabay labas ng kanyang tamod.

Sa edad kong 13 noon ay nilunok ko ang lahat-lahat na pinawalan ni papa. Wala akong sinayang kahit isang patak. Ilang araw din marahil na hindi nakipag-sex si papa kaya naimbak ang tamod na ganoon kadami. Matapos labasan ni papa ay iniluwa ko ang burat niya. Ibinalik ko na rin ang tuwalya na para bang walang nangyari.Bumalik ako sa pagkakahiga na may ngiti at tamod sa aking mga labi. Nasabi ko sa aking sarili na sa wakas ay natikman ko na ang pinamimithi at pinakaasam-asam kong burat na siya rin gumawa sa akin.