Thursday, November 5, 2015

Doctor's Visit By David Johns

My new doctor was a handsome guy all right. Younger than me, he was in his 20s, dark and hairy, and not too tall. He had a wonderful smile, and I really looked forward to my physical.
He told me to strip down to my boxers and he'd be right back. I did that and sat back down on the examining table.
Then doc came back in and did the regular stuff, and his hand on my chest made my nipples tingle. I'm sure he noticed.
"Just lie back," he told me, so I did. After examining my abdomen, he said, "Please lift up your rear so I can lower your boxers to examine your privates."
I lifted up my rear, and he slid my boxers down off my feet. I know my cock was swollen, and I sure hoped it wouldn't get hard! I'd be so embarrassed!
He examined my balls through my loose sac, and said they were fine. "Since this is your first visit, I need to examine the head of your penis." And with that, he took ahold of my penis and began to slowly pull my foreskin back, back, back off the head. Well, that did it! I got completely hard!
I must have blushed, because he looked at me and smiled, saying "Don't worry, I've seen an erect penis before!" with a wink.
He examined my very sensitive cockhead and then let go of my foreskin. It slid back in place over the head, the overhang back into it original pucker even though I was rock hard.
"That's a nice foreskin you have," doc said, "It seems to be nice and loose." "I have a good time with it," I told him, and I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants.
"I'm circumcised," doc said. "I noticed that when I retracted your foreskin you had a full erection. Is that because when you masturbate, you pull the foreskin back and forth?"
"Yep, that's the regular way we guys with 'skins do it," I told him.
"I've never seen a guy masturbate with a foreskin before," doc said. "That's not something they show you in med school!" he said with a wink. "My office staff have left for the day, and you're my last patient. Would you show me how you do it?"
"Sure," I replied, "but so I won't feel weird, you have to masturbate with me." "OK," he said, and he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, allowing them to fall to the floor.
Inside his tightie whities was a fully hard cock about my size making a big bulge. He dropped his briefs and let his mushroom-headed cock be seen. "Looks great, doc!" I told him. "Thanks," he said with a bit of a blush.
"OK, here's how I masturbate," I said, as I wrapped my hand around my cock and started working the foreskin back and forth over my cockhead, which was dark red and shiny with precum.
"That looks like fun," doc told me. "Here's how I do it," he said as he spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his cock, both the head and the shaft. "I guess I let my hand be my foreskin!" he joked.
"If you want to see what it feels like in your hand, you can," I offered. "OK, you can do mine, too, if you want," doc replied.
I spit in my hand and started stroking his mushroom, while doc wrapped his hand around my hard cock and worked the skin back and forth.
"I'm gonna climax pretty soon," I told him, "I haven't had sex in a while." "That's OK," doc replied. "When you ejaculate, I will try to also."
We both jerked each other's cocks, and we could feel them swelling up. "Here I go!" I said. "Let 'er rip!" doc said.
I began to shoot what seemed like gallons of cum out my cock, all over the doctor's hand as well as my foreskin and shaft and pubic hair.
"OHHHH!" doc cried out as loads of cum shot out of the top of his mushroom onto my stomach. Boy did we unload a lot!!
"Well, I certainly learned about masturbation with a foreskin. Thanks, sir!" doc told me with a wink. "You're welcome," I said, "I hope your unloading felt as good as mine did for me." "Oh yeah," he said. "Let's clean up and go home."
This never happened again, but I sure remember it in my j/o fantasies! And I always got hard whenever doc gave me a physical -- and I think he did, too!

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