Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On The Bus By David Johns

My college choir went on tour every January between semesters, and we travelled on a chartered bus. Sometimes the trips were at night, and on those trips all the lights had been turned off. Ray decided to sit next to me. I had always thought that Ray was a handsome guy, and I had seen his nice body in the showers: medium hairy, trim but not overly muscular, medium length cut cock, and nice low-hanging balls.
The air conditioner was really working that night, and most of us had placed a blanket over us (and our seat partner) in order to stay warm. Ray and I did, too, and of course our legs were touching since we were sitting next to each other . But I also noticed that Ray's hand was touching my thigh under the blanket, and I thought something might happen.
At first Ray just moved his hand a bit, rubbing my thigh with his pinky finger. But then he moved more and more of his hand from his leg onto my leg. Of course I was getting hard just trying to imagine what might happen. So I put my hand down by his, and we ended up with our hands on each other's thighs.
Ray was making the first move, and I did the same thing he did. He moved his hand from my thigh onto my crotch, and I did the same. I could feel his rock hard cock inside his pants, and I'm sure he could feel mine, too. We both squeezed each other's hard-ons, and also rubbed out hands under each other's balls beneath them. Then Ray started to unzip my pants. I drew in my breath, but since it was dark and most people were sleeping (I assumed anyway), I didn't try to stop him. I unzipped him, too.
Luckily I had decided to wear boxers that day instead of my usual briefs (in those days most guys wore briefs), and although I had not seen Ray's choice of underwear, he had on boxers, too. Out from his boxers and pants I brought his rock hard, throbbing, big-headed mushroom-shaped cock (I could feel all this with my hand). I realized that my breathing had really picked up, so I calmed myself down a bit so as not to draw undue attention to us.
Meanwhile, Ray had pulled out my rock hard, throbbing cock with its full, thick, loose foreskin still over the head (my foreskin was the type that when soft had a puckered overhang and when hard still covered the head). I heard Ray moan just the slightest as he ran his index finger inside my foreskin opening, slick with precum, stimulating the pee hole just a bit. I noticed some precum oozing out the pee hole of Ray's cock too, and I smeared it around his glans, especially around the rim (he didn't have a frenulum any more, poor guy).
Then Ray started to slowly, ever so slowly, peel back my foreskin, allowing the sensitive gathering at the opening to stroke my exquisitely sensitive cockhead. I really had to hold in my pleasure moans now!
Soon my foreskin was completely behind the head. This is where some cut guys can really cause pain instead of pleasure -- if they don't treat the super sensitive glans of an uncut cock carefully (cut guys can often be too rough).
But Ray knew what he was doing. He ever so lightly ran his precum-lubed finger around the rim of the head, and gently tickled the fren on the underside of my glans. Oh baby! Ray knew what he was doing!
Meanwhile I was squeezing and stroking Ray's hot member, feeling the prominent vein along the shaft. I knew how to treat a cut cock, too, you know! (Plenty of practice!) Then we started slowly jacking each other off for real. We couldn't go fast since it would make too much noise. But the slow stimulation was a wonderful change of pace.
Ray was slowly moving my foreskin back and forth. Many uncut guys only pull it back part way on the down-stroke, but I liked it pulled all the way back so the foreskin would "bump" against the rim on the upstroke. Somehow -- don't ask me how -- Ray instinctively knew that. He pulled it all the way back (but not uncomfortably back too far), then all the way forward, bunching the foreskin a bit past the head.
Meanwhile I was allowing my precum-lubed hand to stroke up and down Ray's shaft, the top of my fist sliding over the rim of his circumcised cockhead. (I noticed Ray was fighting back moans as well.)
It was not long before I felt his cock starting to swell and I knew he was close to cumming. Of course this really turned me on, and I'm sure Ray could feel my cock swelling as well. Man, the foreskin bumping the rim of the head felt damn hot! (And Ray seemed to like my technique, too!) Ray drew his breath in as I felt hot cum shoot out onto the inside of the blanket and run down my hand and his cock and even on to his balls.
Oh man, I felt my cock explode too, and Ray was able to capture most of my cum inside my full foreskin so there was less of a mess on the blanket on my side.
Then we both relaxed as our orgasms ended. We still held onto each other's cocks as we felt them slowly softening. We remained like that, holding each other's cum-covered cocks for a while, just relaxing in the afterglow.
Then we released, wiped our cocks on the inside of the blanket (wherever we could find a clean place), put our cocks away, and zipped up. Then we went to sleep, like everyone else (supposedly).
When we arrived at our stop, we started to get off the bus with our friends. I took the blanket with me -- I told people that I had spilled food on it and I wanted to wash it before I turned it back in (which is basically the truth, "food"!). For some reason that story was accepted. (What I really did was, after smelling the cum inside one last time), was throw the blanket away in an alley dumpster. Anybody who found it probably assumed it was cum from some horny old guy in the alley. But I knew what it really was: spunk from two guys jacking each other off .
Ray graduated that year, and I haven't heard from him since. I was always grateful for that night, for we seemed a bit closer as choir buddies. Jacking each other off does that—it makes guys closer.