Friday, October 30, 2015

A Bisexual Uncut Fantasy By David Johns

My friend from college was visiting us, and we let him go to bed in the guest room.
My wife and I went into our bedroom and decided to have sex. I left the door cracked without my wife knowing it, in case my buddy wanted to look.
My wife and I stripped, and she took hold of my cock with its full foreskin and started working it back and forth. This gets me hard of course, and then I lay on my back.
She lowered her pussy on to my cock, letting her pussy lips push my skin back. Then she stared moving up and down, pulling my cock skin back and forth and really getting me going.
Suddenly I noticed that my buddy had opened the door part way and was rubbing his crotch. I winked at him and nodded (my wife had her eyes closed so she didn't see a thing), and he took his cock out.
He was uncut, too, and he started slowly moving his foreskin back and forth over his cock.
I nodded to him again, and he stripped, his cock standing almost straight up and almost touching his belly. The full foreskin let just the slit show on his cock, which had a drop of precum on it.
I motioned again, and he came over to stand by me. My wife had her eyes open by now, and she was looking at his big cock while she was riding on my cock.
I reached over and took my buddy's cock in my hand, moving the foreskin back and forth but never pulling it all the way back. "Mmm," said my wife, "Suck it."
I didn't have to be told twice. I put my mouth on his hooded cock, and then went all the way down on it, peeling back his nerve-studded foreskin and letting the tender bared head go down my throat.
I sucked him for a while, moving his skin back and forth with my mouth. Then I pulled off his rock-hard and precum-wet cock, the head once again covered by man skin.
"Take her ass," I told my buddy. "Oh yes, please!" my wife said.
My buddy didn't have to be asked twice either. He came up behind her, stuffed his foreskin in her ass hole, and then slid the head in. "Oh yes!" my wife exclaimed.
Then he slid his whole cock into her, inch by inch. I could feel his cock inside her, and I'm sure he could feel mine, too.
We both fucked her for a while, and all three of us were about to go crazy.
"Stick your cock in her pussy, next to mine," I told my friend. "Will it fit?" he asked. "I can take it!" my wife said.
So my friend took his cock out of her ass, bent her over toward me, and slid his slick cock next to mine inside her pussy. It was really tight, the tender undersides of our cocks rubbing together held fast by hot wet pussy.
"Oh man!" all three of us said at the same time. "I'll lie still while you fuck," I said. So he did.
Our balls bumped together as he thrust in and out of her, rubbing our tender cockheads together when he was deep inside her.
"Let's cum on her tits," he suggested. "Fine with me," my wife and I said.
She lay down on her back and played with her clit. My buddy and I knelt on either side of her. I reached over and took his cock, and he reached over and took my cock (just like we jacked each other off in college).
We jacked each other's foreskins back and forth, feeling our cockheads swelling up under their skin stimulators, and then our shafts swelling up as we got close.
"You ready?" I asked my buddy. "Oh yeah!" he replied.
Out came what seemed like gallons of cum on her left tit from his cock and on her right tit from my cock. She screamed as she came too, from the sight of her husband and his buddy jacking each other off, and her expert hand on her clit.
We fell in each other's arms on the bed. After we recovered, my buddy said thanks and went back to his bedroom.
We didn't talk about this the next morning. But I sure hope my buddy and I get to share a room at some conference. We can enjoy jacking each other off while we remember what a hot time the three of us had.
(This will never be a reality, as my wife is very straight-laced and I'm a little worried she might like his cock better than mine, but it's a great fantasy!)

AT THE GYM By David Johns

Today after I finished exercising , I went to the shower as I usually did. The warm water felt great! I was alone in the gang shower (no dividers), but I could hear another guy changing so I thought he might be coming into the shower soon. I was right.
When he came in, I noticed that he had a nice body and a very nice cut cock. We nodded to each other and then he went to the shower head across from me. I saw him look down and take a quick look at my uncut cock. He seemed to be interested in it.
As part of my showering I always pull back my foreskin and rub the cock head with my fingers and some clear water, and then pull the foreskin back in place over the head again.
I saw that he was watching me while I was doing this. I looked at him in the eyes and he said rather timidly, "I've never seen a guy do that before." I smiled and said, "I do it every time I shower. No biggie."
He said to me, "Mind doing it again so I can see it again?" I answered back, "Want to come over next to me so you can see it better?" He said sure, and came over to the shower head next to mine.
I reached down and took ahold of my cock (which was semi-hard by this time, as was his I noticed), slowly pulled the foreskin back behind the head -- which was a dark reddish purple -- and rubbed the head with my fingers and some clear water. Then I pulled the foreskin back in place over the head again. "Cool!" he said.
"Want to do it for me and see what it feels like?" I asked him. "Wow! Could I?" he said eagerly. Then he reached down and took ahold of my cock -- which was fully hard by this time, of course -- slowly pulled the foreskin back behind the head (which was swollen up of course), rubbed the head with his fingers and some clear water (which gave me a chill down my spine, of course!), and then pulled the foreskin back in place over the head again. By this time he was fully hard too, I noticed.
"That's how I jack off, pulling the foreskin back and forth," I told him. "Want to do it till I cum?" He blushed a bit and said sure. So he reached down and started working my foreskin back and forth, up and down over the head.
Meanwhile, just to be nice to him (hehe), I soaped up my hand and reached over to take ahold of his rock hard mushroom-shaped cut cock, jacking it off the way I had seen my cut friends do, meaning running my soaped-up hand up and down the bulbous head. We both moaned as we jacked each other off.
"Ohhh!" I said, and so did he. As he continued to work my foreskin back and forth, and I continued to rub his soapy cock, we both came at the same time. Load after load of cum shot out of our cocks and onto the floor of the shower. Man, what a mess we made! (But of course the water washed it down the drain with no problem.)
"Watch me while I wash the cum off my cockhead," I told him. He gladly watched as I retracted my foreskin, washed the cum off the head, and then pulled the foreskin back in place over the head (I have a full foreskin that stays in place over the head unless I pull it back). I saw him reach down and wash off his cock head, too.
Then we finished our showers, letting our cocks go down a little, and dried off as if nothing had happened. Is he gay? Who knows. Will this happen again? Who knows. Am I glad that it did happen! Oh yeah!!