Friday, May 29, 2015

Daddy's boy By Loboclique

submitted May 6, 2015

I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My names josh Henderson. I had the 'fortunate' luck of being born into a Military family. I'm finally 18 and starting college in a couple months but I'm still in high school. I actually just moved so I'm starting over once again at what is now my 5th high school. I'm skinny, only 119 pounds and 5 foot 3. I have an athletic body because I've played baseball my whole life. I also have a great ass like we're known for. I have green eyes, brown hair and a nice tan skin. I'm mostly smooth all over except for a fuzzy happy trail that leads to my 8" cut cock. I just moved to Colorado and I start school tomorrow.
I walk into the bathroom and grab my dildo from under the sink. It's about 6" because I'm scared to hurt myself. I turn the water on to warm it up and begin to rub it against my tight whole. I get wet and soon it slides in. I continue to fuck myself pushing it in and out. I moan loudly since I'm home alone. I think about my sexy dad fucking me. His dick sliding in me to breed my ass like I want him to. My dad's a mans man. He's a marine and 6 foot 4 he is only 37 and has the body of a Greek god. I've never seen him naked but with his huge bulge he has to be hung like a horse. He has a great jawline and powerful arms and was board abs. I've always wanted to suck his dick but he's homophobic and I know he'd kill me if I tried. I must have been too concentrated inducing myself because I didn't here him come home. I was in the middle of moaning his name when he kicked the door open.
"What the FUCK is going on" he shouted when he saw me. I was standing in front of him speechless with my ass clenched shut. 'Dont let the dildo slip out' I told myself. As far as he knows I was just jacking off. "Uhh...nothing sir" I replied while my boner proved other wise. He came close to me and said "if your gonna fucking play with yourself can you do it without moaning like a bitch?" He asked rudely. "Uh yes sorry dad" my dad let out a chuckle as if he didn't just scare the shit out of me and said "well you have a nice sized member there". Referring to my dick!!! "But don't forget who the real man is." He said as he pulled out his huge thick cock and balls. It was so meaty and thick almost twice as long and twice as thick as the dildo hidden in my ass. He tucked is monster dick up laughed and hit me in the arm. I flinched and in a moment of pure horror, felt the dildo slip out of me and fall to the bath tub floor. My dad's face changed immediately. He began asking if I was a gay faggot that liked dick. He picked up my dildo looked me in the eyes and said "you fucking bitch, you want to be gay that's fine but you want be a bitch. This is the smallest dick I've ever seen. You want to be fucked by men?" He asked. I mumbled out a yes. " well I'll show you why it feels like to be fucked by a real man. He grabbed my head and brought it to his crotch he rubbed my face against his monster cock till it practically bursted his pants open. He ripped his pants down and his cock quickly found it's way down my throat. It felt so good to gag on his huge cock. He chocked me till I almost blacked out. My nose pushed into hi pubes. I felt his huge balls slapping under my chin as he force feed me his dick. He flipped me over and pushed me against the wall. "You like that dick? You like that man cock in your throat? Huh son?" "Yes daddy I love it" I said while my check was pressed against the tile of my shower wall. He slid his finger into my ass and moaned saying I was so tight. I told him I'm a virgin and he pressed his young inside of me I almost came right there. I felt him press his cock agains my hole and I shudders in excitement. He started to slide his huge cock in me. I moaned in pain as his head glided past my prostrate he was now only halfway in when he suddenly pulled all the way out. I moaned in pleasure till he imediatly pushed his cock inside me all the way till his balls smacked my ass loudly, but not as loud as I was now moaning in pain. He bent me over till my face was now on the bathtub floor and my ass hick in the air. I felt pressure against my ass and then like it was being starched. My dad moaned loudly and then stood me up again. I could no longer feel his balls against my ass because he had shoved them inside me! He began to fuck me so hard his whole body slamming into mine. And my body against the wall. I felt his balls bouncing in my ass as he fucked me. He then flipped me around and picked me up and pressed his mouth against mine while breeding my ass. He then carried me to my bed and layer me down. I stared into his eyes while drilled me for the next 40 minuets with his cock and balls in my ass. He kept saying " this is what you wanted you fucking fagot.i felt his balls tighten as he pressed hard into me as he planted rope after rope of his seed into my ass. He didn't pull out and we walked around the house all day with me Wrapped around his waist to keep his dick and balls inside me. I went to sleep with my dads cock in my ass and woke up to him fucking me again saying " they don't need me to report in today so this Vick will be in your boy pussy all day". THE END

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