Thursday, November 5, 2015

On the Way Home from Work By David Johns

"I recently had taken a job about a half-hour from my home. After my first day at work, coming home about 10:00 p.m., I had to pee so I stopped at a rest stop on the local highway I had passed when driving to work."
It was one of those old-fashioned ones, wooden building with old-fashioned fixtures inside.
When I entered I noticed that it had two stalls without doors and two old-fashioned urinals next to one stall, with no dividers between the urinals, and a sink next to the urinals.
I decided to sit in the stall next to the urinals, since my legs were tired from work. I noticed there was a little hole in the wooden wall, and peeking through it, I realized it was a peep-hole to watch guys at the urinals.
Suddenly I heard someone pulling into the parking lot. Since I was curious about the peep-hole, I remained seated, my pants lowered to the floor and my hand holding my average-sized uncut cock inside the bowl.
In came a man about my age (40s) in a business suit, his tie unfastened. He looked down at my crotch and then went around to the urinal. I couldn't help but look through the peep-hole.
He took out a beautiful uncut cock and then just let it hang there. It had a nice puckered "nipple" of foreskin at the end, kind of tight. He didn't peel it back at all, or pee. He just stood there, his cock out it all its glory.
But then it started to get hard, without him even touching it. It grew and hardened and moved from hanging down to pointing straight out to pointing up, all without even touching it! The pucker didn't go away, and I could see the rim of his swollen cockhead visible through his cock skin cover.
"Hot in here, isn't it?" he said. "Sure is!" I replied. "Sure would like some relief from the heat," he said back.
I took that as a cue and pulled my pants up. My own cock was hard by now, of course, the head still covered by foreskin even though I had been playing with the head through the skin while I watched his cock harden.
I came out and went to the sink next to the urinals. Pretending to comb my hair, I saw him looking at me and then looking at his cock. I took the cue.
I came over and stood next to him at the other urinal, unzipped, and took my own cock out of my pants. We both stood there with our hard uncut cocks sticking out, mine pointing at the wall and his pointing at the ceiling. We both looked at each other's cocks, waiting for the next step.
He reached over and took my cock, so I took hold of his cock. He smiled at me, and I returned the smile. He began by pulling on my puckered overhang, which I did to his cock. Man that felt good!
Then he pulled my skin back just enough to see the piss slit, which was slick with precum. I did the same to him, and he had lots of precum, too.
Then he started jacking my cock slowly, pulling the skin back to just in front of the rim but not behind it. I did the same to him, guessing that he wanted to hold off on skinning all the way back behind the rim for a bit. Man was this hot! There were not many uncut guys around, and I had one of them in my hand! And he had my uncut cock in his hand, knowing just what to do to drive me crazy.
Then we heard a car pulling into the parking lot. I stayed at the urinal while he quickly moved into a stall and stood as if he were peeing there.
In came in another guy in casual clothes--about 50. He came over to the urinals and took out his cock. I was trying to point mine down so my erection wouldn't be quite so obvious (although I couldn't hide it, of course).
I glanced over and noticed that -- believe it or not -- he was uncut, too! He held his cock, which had a foreskin that was full and loose, the overhang opening floppy rather than puckered.
He started sliding his foreskin back and forth a little, and then looked down at my cock. I started doing the same, looking at his. We were both keeping our foreskins in front of the rim of our cockheads, waiting for the full unveiling later.
Then he reached over and took my cock in his hand. Of course I reached over and took hold of his cock, too. There we were, working each other's foreskins back and forth over most of our cockheads but not behind the rim yet.
When the first guy figured out what we were doing, he came out, his hard cock pointing straight up and with a still-covered head sticking out of his suit pants.
He came over to join us, and we turned from the urinals and made a three-man circle. He took the first guy's cock in his other hand. The first guy reached over to take my cock in his hand, not wanting to feel left out.
I said, "Let's see those beautiful cockheads! You go first," I nodded to the first guy. I slowly pulled his foreskin back, back, back, till it snapped behind his coronal rim. "Oh!" he exclaimed, so turned on by all the sensations of that first unveiling.
"Now you," I said, nodding to the second guy. The first guy started pulling this guy's foreskin back, which was very easy to do because it was full and very loose. "Oh yeah man!" he said as the rim of his wet and dark red head was uncovered.
"Now it's your turn," they both said. They watched as my foreskin was pulled back slowly, back, back, back till it popped over the rim. "Oh wow!" I said, my cock throbbing.
"Now let go of those cocks and let's see whose cocks will recover without any help," I directed.
We all let go of the cocks, and watched to see what happened. My foreskin immediately went back over the head, with just the slit barely visible through the skin opening.
The second guy's full and loose foreskin slid back into place too, covering even his slit and no head showing at all.
The first guy's slightly tighter foreskin stayed behind the head though, which is also sexy to see, folds of foreskin bunched up behind a prominent rim.
"Here, let me help you," I said as I reached over and took hold of his cock. I pulled his foreskin up over the rim, back onto the head. "OH!" he said. I knew that would really turn him on, what with all the nerves in the foreskin as well as on the glans.
"Now let's see some cream!" said the second guy. He grabbed my cock and the first guy grabbed his cock.
We started jackin’ each other's skins, first slowly then going faster and faster. Our cocks were hard as rocks, the heads swollen (two were dark red and one -- the second guy's -- was pink), and the foreskin flying over the coronas back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
"Let's watch each guy cum in a urinal," I suggested. "I'm ready," said the first guy.
The second guy grabbed his cock while I massaged his ass. Foreskin flying, he looked like he was having an epileptic seizure as load after load of cum spewed out into the urinal. He took some time before he came back to earth.
"I'm ready," said the second guy. I grabbed his foreskin while the second guy played with his big balls which were also hanging out his fly. I jacked that foreskin back and forth over his big head, which was almost as big as a ping pong ball. I felt him swell up and then, BANG, explode gob after gob of hot cum into the urinal, mixing with the first guy's jism.
"Okay, guys, now it's my turn," I said. I stood at the urinal, holding a half-hard uncut cock in either hand as they jacked my foreskin back and forth over my swollen head, bumping the rim on the way up and on the way down, my cock getting harder and harder by the mini-second. They both held my cock, then the first guy took over, holding it in his tight fist as he worked that man skin back and forth over the rim and the helmet that was about to explode.
The second guy leaned over and kissed the back of my neck while I had an uncut cock in each hand, and that did it.
BAM, out came cum after cum after cum, as my knees almost gave way. I had to keep my mouth clenched closed as I began to scream from the sensations coursing through my body. It was like being electrocuted, except with sex rather than with voltage.
And then it was over.
We each went over to the sink, skinned back, and washed our tender cockheads off, while the others watched. Then we zipped up, and made sure to flush the gallon (it seemed) of cum down the urinal (which took a little while!).
Then we each gave each other a hug and left, never to see one another again.
I had a couple of other experiences at this rest stop before I changed jobs and moved away, but I'll save those for another time.
Imagine not many cut guys in the area, yet three of us ended up in the same place at the same time that evening. What a grand coincidence! (I'm getting hard just typing this story, so I gotta go "take care of things.")

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